Chrome Extension for Guesty & Hostify users

PrimeHost’s Chrome Extension is the most convenient way to see & use PrimeHost’s suggested replies. If you have imported your properties through Guesty or Hostify, you can set up the extension & keep all communication in your PMS.


✔️ Replies for your quest’s questions will be auto generated & shown directly into your PMS.

✔️ No need to write from scratch, or even spend more than a second to reply.

✔️ Training is done 100% automatically!

How to Add the Chrome Extension to your Desktop

Click “Integrations” on the Dashboard sidebar:


Click “Chrome Extension” button:


From the Chrome Marketplace, add PrimeHost Extension:


Once the Extension is on, click on the PrimeHost Icon:


You will be asked to insert a token. From your PrimeHost account, copy the Token & paste it in Chrome:

ScreenshotScreenshot Screenshot

PrimeHost Extension is enabled! Don’t forget to restart Chrome!


Once the extension has been added, you will see a small AI icon in your PMS (Guesty & Hostify). You can click on it in order to see any suggested reply for future messages!

Screenshot Screenshot

Happy chats :)