About us:

PrimeHost is an AI-powered guest messaging platform for Hotels & STR managers. It’s a startup founded by a property manager and an all-star team of software engineers. Backed by leading investors in the Short Term Rental Industry, our mission is simple: Make your guest interactions effortless & change the way guest communication works.

Guest communication is key in a successful Hospitality business. If you think about it, it’s the only way that the property can provide personalized experiences, go the extra mile for their guests, show true commitment & eventually create an emotional bond that will revent into awesome reviews & repetitive customers.

What’s the catch? Great communication is extremely time consuming!

You need to be available 24/7 for your guest’s needs, always respond with clear & effective messages, keep a professional tone & of course, instantly handle emergencies. As you grow your successful business & serve lot’s of customers, it’s inevitable to lose in quality. What if there was another way?

Your All-in-One AI Assistant, trained on the property to help you serve guests 24/7. In one word, PrimeHost!

  1. Learns from the previous conversations of your properties, so it’s super easy to set up.

  2. Helps with daily questions & inquiries.

  3. Sends you emergency alerts & notifications so you can prioritise your time.

  4. Reports back to you with real time data insights, the most valuable source available.


How it works:

Firstly, you need to connect PrimeHost to your existing communication platforms. PrimeHost will then have access to your online information & guest messages, which will utilise to train your assistant & learn from your previous conversations.

PMS Connection:

If you use one of the integrated PMS, you can instantly import your properties & train your Assistant. That’s certainly the easiest & most efficient way to start, as you can have everything ready within seconds!

Booking Channels:

If you don’t use a PMS yet, you can still add PrimeHost directly into your Airbnb or Booking.com accounts. This would require a few manual steps, so we strongly suggest to book a demo.

Suggested Replies:

Whenever you get a guest message, PrimeHost will create an AI generated reply for you. We will do all the hard job, instead of writing from scratch. You can edit & approve the message, which will instantly reach to your guest. Saves you TONS of valuable time!


Instant AI communication:

We recommend that you use instant communication only after you have familiarised yourself with the AI & feel confident with the replies. You can share your AI Assistant with your guests, using a sharable link or by placing a QR in the property. Your guests will have access to their personal Assistant & can be instantly served 24/7. The best part? Guests LOVE to play around with the AI, while you get to relax & save valuable time replying to repetitive questions!